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Online casino history
The right cause for the game still remains unclear. The Chinese took over 2300 BC. The most important official account of it, but one trusts that gambling movements of any kind have been seen in any general audience in human history. From the ancient Greeks to Caesar's Rome, Napoleon's France and the American Civil War, gambling has been one way or another. One of the most important real casinos, however, was the CasinO di Venezia, founded around 1638 in Venice and still exists today.

Many games we merge with a casino are related to previous games. The French of the sixteenth century landed noticeably at the Egyptian roulette game, while Napoleon appreciated the card game "vingt-et-un", better known as blackjack or 21. The English, however, built a game called risk craps the founding of the current Cube Throwing Game. It is believed that poker games were created from a mix of old games, including Persian, Italian and English shooting games. Advance more, the French included betting strategies, and the idea of ​​pretense created by the British.

The first online casino, which opened in 1996, is still in operation today. To be honest, there are a few casinos that have opened the first few years of gambling on the Internet (and hundreds since), making it one of the best online businesses of all time. But it was not general performance and easy roads for the online casino industry as you will soon observe.

Even before InterCasino opened its virtual entrances in 1996, there were a lot of limitations. Official and hostile players arranged to take their pot shot at the upcoming online casino openings. Butwhen the High Commission of Antigua and Barbuda in the West Indies passed the "Law on Facilitated Trade and Processing Zones", the pieces were set up to make online casino history. They began with the Division of Gaming to grant licenses to primary authorities, with the aim that potential administrators could legitimately open their online
casinos now. With the US and other major nations refusing to grant these licenses, this is a huge amount of online casino history.

Luckily, a few other stations have started licensing this time, once again the world, including Canada and the UK, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. But this decline is holding back against the United States, which is still relentlessly opposed to granting licenses.

The primary online casinos were hit with a lot of disbelief, as sending data such as credit cards, names, and addresses over the Internet was still answered with grave doubts. Online casinos were believed to be shady or continue to run through the crowd. Moderate associations implied slowed projects and designs and a lack of value programming in the youngster business implied a large number of slowed phases.

Come to CryptoLogic and Microgaming, two pioneers of the online casino. CryptoLogic has made a special effort to provide encryption technology to online casinos, meaning that sensitive data such as Visa numbers are currently protected from programmers. Microgaming was one of the first and still outstanding among other programming vendors, bringing new illustrations and decent sound back when things were still hard to get online. Connection modems and DSL lines made it faster and more convenient to start downloading programming, with fewer lock and connect problems.

This was the year that Microgaming, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the authenticity of most online casinos, reached a consensus with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which was among the best known and fair accounting firms on the planet. PWC agreed to check the payout rates of online casinos to show that they have indeed paid out huge cash deposits - usually more than Las Vegas casinos

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